Keep healthy, positive and full of energy during half-term.

Keep healthy, positive and full of energy during half-term.

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How can you ensure that you keep your body and mind in the best possible shape? Half-term is upon us, with many unable to travel.  Make the most of the opportunities, there are really so many little things you can do to keep healthy, positive and full of energy. Why not use this week to kick-start good habits?

Eat healthy & well.

It has been banded around for years, but any nutritionist will tell you that healthy nutrition is simple: varied diet with fruit and vegetables, a good amount of protein and complex carbs, and quantities of fat and oils. Choose wholegrain over white carbs, lean meat over bacon and sausages, have a glass of fruit juice every morning and a portion of veg with every meal. Snack on nuts and seeds instead of crisps, and drink plain water instead of fizzy drinks. Have three good meals each day, but make portions smaller. Unbelievably, it is possible to incorporate a glass of wine into a recommended daily calorie intake. Taking a daily dose of supplements can be part of your routine. Take Blue Iron Liquid Iron every day to build your energy and immunity over time.

Get enough sleep.

Ask yourself: do you actually get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day? What is it that prevents you from getting enough of it? Can you identify specific factors and eliminate them? If you make sleep your priority, the difference will be tangible. Long term sleep deprivation can have long term effects on your health, so addressing your sleep patterns is key to long term happiness. Take our tiredness test to see how you fare up. Lack of iron is only one of the possible causes of feeling run down. Blue Iron supplement can help with energy levels but addressing the underlying causes of tiredness is more important.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Choose your company wisely. Spend time with people who make you feel good and inspire you. This will top up your energy and make you feel positive about life. Spending too much time with energy vampires is likely to leave you feeling low and depleted. Would you not rather reserve this energy for good times with your family?

Keep active.

Spending active time with your family will bring you closer together and energise all of you. Take up something new. Cycling is a wonderful activity you can do together, as well as with friends. There are so many wonderful bike trails all around the country. Paddle boarding has really taken off recently. We are so lucky to be surrounded by sea and have so many suitable waterways. Always do it safely and under professional guidance. Try a family hike. Spending a day exploring the wonderful countryside we are surrounded by is free and exhilarating. Everyone can participate, whether they are big or small. Have you thought of wild swimming? We are surrounded by some of the most spectacular natural swimming opportunities in this country. Always read up on safety before taking part, as this activity could be tricky. Exercise and sweating reduces your iron levels, so if you take up regular exercise, it’s good to supplement with Blue Iron.

Ditch the screen.

Staying in touch with news and social media is how we live but mainlining these is detrimental to our physical and mental wellbeing. Give yourself a break: introduce a 2-hour screen limit or have off-screen days with your family. It takes a while to reconnect, but once you do, you will realise quite how much fun your family members actually are.

Daily acts of kindness.

Spare a good thought for someone each day. Call an old friend and ask how they are. Make a small donation, offer to babysit for a friend, hold a door open for someone, or simply smile at a stranger. Life is too short to be selfish. These little thoughtful acts will brighten up the world around you, and will make you feel happy and purposeful each day.

Do something meaningful every day.

Why not start a habit of doing something for yourself or your nearest and dearest every day? Is there something you love doing, but feel you never have time? Carve a little bit of time to do it once or twice a week. Do you wish you had time to sit down and chat with your partner about things you used to do together, but no longer have time for? Do it. Let your kids show you how to play Minecraft. You never know, you might impress them with your skills and gain street cred.
Self-care is so important, so why put it off?

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