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Feeling tired

When did we all get so tired?

Waking up feeling shattered. Yawning at your desk. Too knackered to go to the gym. Falling asleep in front of the TV. Friday night drinks cancelled – again.

Sound familiar?

Busy modern life is often blamed for our new obsession with tiredness. We’re all multi-tasking, working late, sending emails on holiday, checking our phones before bed... There’s even a name for it: Tired All The Time (TATT!)

A recent study revealed 1 in 5 GP visits are down to tiredness or fatigue, making us officially ‘Generation Knackered’. So why are so many of us struggling on half-empty batteries? And when did we think it’s OK to miss out on the best things in life because we’re simply too tired?

Iron = energy

There could be a simple reason lethargy has taken hold of your life. According to the NHS, one of the most common reasons for feeling constantly run down is iron-deficiency anaemia.

Iron is essential for carrying oxygen around the body, keeping brain and body functioning at full capacity. Without enough iron you will feel tired very quickly. Your limbs may feel heavy. You can feel as though you don’t have the energy to do anything.

And you don’t need to be anaemic to feel these effects – iron deficiency is surprisingly common. Latest figures show that 27% of women and almost half of young girls aren’t getting enough iron!

A simple fix

Blueiron is Scandinavia’s best-kept secret for beating tiredness and living life to the full. Just one great-tasting dose delivers your full RDA of iron, proven to help relieve feelings of exhaustion, lethargy, headaches and poor concentration. It’s also packed with wild blueberries that boost your immunity and help stop the cycle of constant colds and infection. Body and mind are re-energized and you’re ready to take on the world again.

Take the Tiredness Test

Just think what you could do today if you weren’t so tired:
• Bake a cake, just because
• Make a playlist for your commute
• Go for a run in the fresh air
• Make a photobook for your best mate’s birthday
• Phone your mum
• Start that novel
• What will you do today?


bursting with organic


wild nordic blueberries




Liquid Iron



bursting with organic


wild nordic blueberries