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Transform your fitness levels. Set new challenges. Reach new goals.

Is your regular workout proving difficult? Are you too tired to get to the gym? Perhaps you’ve hit a fitness plateau and can’t seem to move forwards? Don’t just blame your training. Maybe it’s time to check your iron levels.

Why iron?

Iron is essential for transporting oxygen around the body, helping heart, lungs and muscles to function at full capacity. It also helps the body convert blood sugar into energy.
Lack of iron affects both how you feel and how you perform. It can lead to low blood pressure, dizziness and shortness of breath. It makes it harder for your muscles to recover after a workout. It can also make you feel tired, irritable and lethargic – or even lose interest in fitness altogether. Bad news for your progress and personal best.

The problem

Whether you’re an elite athlete, keen runner or spinning class devotee, regular workouts put you at greater risk of having an iron deficiency. Why?
YOU NEED MORE IRON: Blood volume increases with exercise, meaning your body needs to make more red blood cells to keep up with demand.
YOU LOSE MORE IRON: Just one hour of exercise can reduce your iron levels by 5.7%. A large amount of iron is lost through sweat. Footstrike haemolysis is a problem for runners: this is a phenomenon where red blood cells are temporarily destroyed by the repeated pounding of feet on hard surfaces.

The solution

Even with discipline and a great diet, it’s hard to increase your iron levels through food alone.
Blueiron is a cult fitness product used by thousands of pro athletes to maximize energy levels and improve muscle recovery. Just two teaspoons a day provides your full RDA of iron with several other key benefits. The addition of wild blueberries, the ultimate superfood, can help strengthen blood vessels, boost metabolism and build a stronger immune system.

The pay-off

• Increased energy. Feel the difference during high intensity workouts – you can sprint that bit faster.
• Sharper concentration. Don’t lose your game plan in a 5-set tennis match.
• Better endurance. Ready to try a full marathon? Blueiron helps increase aerobic capacity so you can start strong and stay strong.
• More motivation. Get the brain back on board and fall in love with fitness again.

Elite Approval

"As a vegetarian athlete of a certain age, I have to be extremely careful about my iron intake and Blueiron has turned out to be the best choice I have made yet. I have tried many products over the years, but I am very impressed with Blueiron and will continue to use it. I'm really happy to have found a product that not only does the job well, but actually also tastes great – that's a nice bonus!"

Claire Donald, Reigning 5000m European champion over 50