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Over 60s

Iron deficiency is widespread and underdiagnosed in the over-60s

As we get older, our risk of running an iron deficiency increases. This is because our stomach has to work harder to absorb iron from our food. As our appetite tends to reduce, we may end up taking in less iron overall. Other health conditions that develop with age may require medication that can also interfere with our iron levels.

Why iron matters

Iron is essential for pumping oxygen around the body, keeping body and mind in perfect working order. Without enough iron, you may feel exhausted, listless, irritable and headachy. It can also make you dizzy which could make you more prone to falls. If left untreated it can cause the heart to work harder, which could lead to more serious problems. Even a mild case of iron deficiency slows you down and threatens your independence.

Live life to the full

Boosting your iron levels is transformative! Aim to eat two iron-rich sources of food per day. Good examples include red meat, liver, fish, beans, lentils and leafy green vegetables.

Because it’s hard to get your daily quota from diet alone, try adding a supplement like Blueiron. Unlike other iron supplements, Blueiron is easy on the stomach and tastes great (that’ll be our blueberries). Just two teaspoons a day provides your full RDA of iron, helps banish tiredness and improve energy, mood and concentration. That’s not all. Each dose is also packed with immune-boosting antioxidants, Biotin for strong hair and nails plus Vitamin E – one of nature’s very best wrinkle-busters!

bursting with organic

wild nordic blueberries


Liquid Iron


bursting with organic

wild nordic blueberries