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330ml bottle

Liquid Iron Supplement

with Nordic Blueberries


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– 330ml bottle
Liquid Iron Supplement with Nordic Blueberries

Blueiron - your daily dose of Nordic vitality

  • The only Iron supplement containing Nordic blueberries and mineral water, giving a great taste and a source of natural antioxidants


  • A patented, micro-encapsulated iron delivery system which means that it is gentle on the stomach


  • Contributes to a healthy immune system and a reduction of tiredness and fatigue


What is the purpose of iron in the body?

Iron is an essential mineral that is vital to your bodies health. It is used to produce red blood cells, which help store and carry oxygen in the blood, which is then transported around your body. If you do not have these red blood cells, or have low levels, this can lead to tiredness and fatigue and even anaemia.

Your body cannot product iron itself so ensuring you consume sufficient levels of iron through diet is vital, this can be achieved through eating plenty of red meat, dark green leafy vegetables and lots of wholegrains. In addition to this taking an iron supplement ensures you will get your daily intake of iron.

How do I know if I need more iron?

According to the NHS, one of the most common reasons for feeling constantly run down is iron-deficiency anaemia. But you don’t need to be anaemic to need iron, 80% of the UK population do not have sufficient iron levels.

There are many reasons why you may need to take an iron supplement, but it is primarily women between the ages of 16 and 64 who require more iron, and even more so during pregnancy. However you may also require an iron supplement if you are a vegetarian or vegan or if you do a lot of running as this can damage red blood cells.

If your body is in need of an additional iron supplement you may notice symptoms, such as constant lack of energy, inability to concentrate, pale skin, dizziness, hair loss and symptoms can worsen for those with anaemia.

Iron equals energy, so this could be the simple fix you have been looking for.

Why not take our tiredness test, and find out if you may need more iron…

What are the benefits of taking an iron supplement?

One great-tasting dose of Blueiron delivers your body all the iron it needs as well as other essential nutrients. In addition to this, each bottle is packed with wild Nordic blueberries, nature’s number one superfood. Every spoonful is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that optimize health, boost immunity and beautify skin.

All of this contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, helps with cognitive function, boosts your immune system and enhances your performance.

Your daily dose of wellness, the Scandinavian way!

What makes Blueiron different?

Blueiron has a patented micro-encapsulated delivery system, which means the iron is encapsulated in a calcium polymer and will therefore not be released in the acidic stomach environment, which will cause fewer gastrointestinal side effects commonly associated will iron supplements, such as constipation. The calcium polymer is destabilised in the more alkaline intestine and is then easily absorbed.

Not only this but Blueiron also uses the Fe3+ type of iron, which means your body will only absorb the exact amount of iron it needs and absorption will not be prohibited by tea, coffee or milk.

As a little added extra, each bottle is packed with wild Nordic blueberries, nature’s number one superfood. Every spoonful is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.


  1. Great review by Sharleen on 01/09/2017

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  2. Fantastic taste review by Jo on 29/08/2017

    Just received my first bottle of Blueiron and the first thing I noticed was the difference in taste to the other products on the market which I usually find undrinkable. This not only tastes great but I have noticed a real difference in my energy levels. I had been feeling really run down and now feel back to my normal self. Great product.

  3. Best On The Market review by Annie on 08/06/2017

    I have tried other products on the market and this one is the best. It works gently but efficiently in the body and the results are excellent. No side effects. Energy levels returned quickly and it has a great taste.

  4. Great taste ! review by Viv on 12/02/2017

    Love this iron supplement
    It's so light,easy to take & has a great taste of blueberries.Taking it two weeks now & feel on top of the world.

  5. Really does work! review by Vikki on 06/02/2017

    This is the best Iron Supplement drink I have used and really make me feel more energetic!

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