1-Minute Tiredness Test

Are you one of the millions of women not getting enough iron? Take our quick tiredness test to find out.

Do you feel tired when you wake up, even after a full night’s sleep?

Yes No

Do you regularly have cravings for chocolate or energy drinks to get you through the day?

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Do you catch yourself yawning most days?

Yes No

Do you suffer from recurring colds that you find hard to shake off?

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Press down on one of your fingernails firmly for 3 seconds until the nail bed turns white, then release. Does the pink colour return immediately?

Yes No

Well done! It sounds as if your iron levels are stable but it still pays to keep tabs. Things such as a bout of illness or giving blood can all increase your body’s need for iron. Be alert to the signs of iron deficiency: on-going tiredness, headaches and brittle nails. If you think you might be running low, up your intake of foods like red meat and leafy green veg and consider a liquid iron supplement like blueiron, proven to restore energy, boost immunity and optimise performance.

It looks as if you’re battling energy slumps on a regular basis, perhaps because your iron levels are lower than they should be. Other warning signs are regular headaches, brittle nails and low mood. Women and teenagers, gym bunnies and vegetarians are all at greater risk of iron deficiency. A liquid supplement such as blueiron can restore your iron levels, reboot energy and help you re-engage with life. Why not try it today and see if you can feel the difference?

Do you feel tired all the time? You’re showing many of the classic warning signs of iron deficiency. Why not book an appointment with your gp who can check your iron levels with a simple blood test? Iron deficiency is surprisingly common – women and teenagers are particularly at risk. The good news is that it’s easy to treat. Blueiron is a great-tasting liquid iron supplement that’s proven to reduce tiredness, boost immunity and transform your energy levels. It could change your life!

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