"A cult fitness product in Scandinavia"
"Nordic blueberry flavour and is gentle on your tummy"
"The fastest growing liquid iron supplement in Europe"
Blueiron Pregnancy


We are pleased to welcome Carly Rowena into the Blueiron family, as our social ambassador and health warrior!   Carly is a true advocate of Blueiron, having taken it for three years before, during and after her pregnancy.

Carly says

“I’ve made lots of health changes over the last couple of years but one thing has stayed the same, I make sure I stay on top of my food and the supplements I need to support the lifestyle I want to lead.  My favourite brand is Blueiron.  Its one of the only supplements I’ve found that actually contains Fe3+ encapsulated iron, meaning your body will only absorb what it needs and it also has zero nasty side effects.  Its vegan-friendly and tastes like blueberries.  I’ve noticed an improvement in my overall energy and my performance when training.”

Blueiron Pregnancy

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