"It was amazing to see such a marked difference in iron levels and general well being, once patients had started taking the Blue Iron supplement."
Sarah - Community Midwife, Surrey
"Any old iron just isn’t enough anymore"
"Nordic blueberry flavour and is gentle on your tummy"

Carly Rowena

Fitness Blogger & mum

'Favourite brand: I have been using Blueiron for the last three years, including throughout my pregnancy, it’s one of the only iron supplements I’ve found that actually contains the FE3+ iron encapsulated meaning that your body will only absorb what it needs but it also has ZERO nasty side effects, is vegan friendly and tastes like blueberries.'

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Lydia Bright

Blogger & TOWIE star

'I have recently been introduced to Blueiron who have just launched a Pregnancy liquid iron supplement. Just one teaspoon a day provides 90% of the required intake. Which is why taking this is now part of my morning routine.'

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Carly Neave

Wellness Blogger

'Blueiron liquid iron for pregnancy has been my go-to & whilst I think supplements can be a bit of a mine field, this one just makes life very easy.'

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Tessa Kelly / London Paleo Girl

Health & Wellness Blogger

'Taking this little pot of magic wherever I go. I’ve been taking Blueiron through my pregnancy after I was initially slightly deficient. A few months ago I fainted so I started taking it again when I feel more fatigued than normal or need a little boost, especially on days when I know I haven’t got enough from my diet. This is one of the best products on the market that I’ve come across for that boost.'

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Lisa Oxenham

Beauty & Style Director @ Marie Claire

‘I’m a prime example of someone who needs to take an iron supplement. I love running and my daily workout but didn’t realise iron is lost through sweat - it's vital to supplement post-fitness to boost energy and muscle recovery. Plus, to compensate for our diets we take Blueiron, cult iron supplement from Scandinavia.’

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‘In the past I’ve really struggled with low iron levels, causing fatigue and tiredness. My training was the most consistent it has ever been and I feel that has definitely been with a little help from Blueiron.

Blueiron gives me that much needed energy boost and has a great blueberry taste as well! I would highly recommend if you are low in iron and want to fight fatigue.’

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‘A good daily iron supplement like Blueiron can help turn the problem of low iron levels almost immediately.’

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