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Strength of Charact-her

Celebrating Everyday Strong Women

In a world that often celebrates external achievements, over the last two months, we’ve been introducing something called ‘Strength of Charact'her', a heartfelt initiative that shifts the spotlight to the incredible strength found in the everyday lives of women. By launching this, we aim to recognise and honour the remarkable strength of both body and character shown by the inspiring women in our lives.

To understand just how important relationships are to us, we surveyed 2,000 women and found 94% agree it’s important to have people around you that you can have an open and honest conversation with1. As a result, a third feel strong, mentally, when having an honest conversation with friends, and 32% find emotional support in the chats they have with the people around them.

We then asked our community to nominate the women in their lives who embody strength on a daily basis. Five stories stood out to BlueIron, amongst all the amazing nominations, and we’re happy to present our hero Charact’hers to you. We hope you recognise the strength found within each of our heroes in those around you and yourself. 


Abimaro Gunnell, 36, Musician from London


Abi, a Musician and soon-to-be mother of three, is renowned for her selflessness and dedication to uplifting her community through music. Nominated by her best friend Shivon, Abi's unwavering support and encouragement have been constant despite her own challenges. Even while struggling with infertility, Abi celebrated Shivon's pregnancy wholeheartedly. Beyond her music, Abi runs choirs to support mental health and dementia sufferers in her local community. She finds strength in helping others and emphasises the importance of seeking support from loved ones during tough times. Abi's genuine passion for making a difference and her resilience in adversity exemplify her as a true Charact’her.


Donna Hinett, 55, retired Occupational Therapy Aid worker from Wolverhampton


Donna, a retired Occupational Therapy Aid worker originally from Wolverhampton, radiates positivity despite facing health challenges, notably a lifelong battle with cancer. Forced to retire due to illness, Donna's daughter Alice nominated her for her unwavering support to others. Battling cancer while raising Alice alone, Donna's journey inspired her to create online communities helping others cope with similar challenges on a global scale. Through her YouTube channel and Facebook groups, Donna empowers women to reclaim their identities post-mastectomy. She instils in her daughter and others, the importance of seizing life's moments. Donna's story symbolises resilience, strength, and spreading joy amid adversity.

Jayed Bacon, 33 Secondary School Teacher from London


Jayed, a PE teacher, and head of year in Hackney, epitomises resilience. Nominated to be a BlueIron Charact’her by her sister Keishia, both raised in a single-parent home in North London, Jayed learned the value of hard work early on. Juggling multiple jobs while pursuing her dream of teaching, Jayed faced crippling anxiety exacerbated by career demands. Motherhood brought joy but also loneliness, especially after a devastating miscarriage. It was in these dark moments, her female friends provided crucial support. Now balancing career and motherhood, Jayed emphasises finding balance and leaning on support networks for solace. Her story underscores the strength of women uplifting each other through life's trials.


Gem Malone, 39, Service Manager from Somerset


Gem, a Facilities Management Service Manager at HPC, is recognised for her practical yet compassionate nature. Jess, nominated Gem to be a Charact’her after her steadfast support whilst she battled Crohn's disease, finding strength in Gem's practical care and emotional support. Beyond this, Gem thrives in a male-dominated industry since her engineering apprenticeship, helping her flex expertise and resilience earn respect. Despite recently facing Thyroid Cancer, Gem's optimism remained, reshaping her perspective to prioritise cherished moments with loved ones. Their friendship epitomises reciprocity, with Gem offering unwavering support despite her own adversities, whilst inspiring others to embrace life's intangible joys.


Heather Wilkinson, 35, Senior Content and PR Manager from Buckinghamshire


Heather, a symbol of determination and adaptability, was nominated as a BlueIron Charact’her by friend Maria. Growing up as the youngest of seven in a nomadic household, her unconventional education instilled a strong strength of mind. And it was this attitude which despite financial constraints, saw her pursue a GED at 17, going on to teach in Mexico at 19. Heather balanced motherhood and career uncertainties like a pro, returning to the UK to obtain her degree while juggling family responsibilities. Transitioning to digital marketing, she undertook unpaid apprenticeships while managing a household, a second pregnancy and fulltime job. Heather's wants other women to measure success by results and embrace the imperfect journey along the way.


Laura Clark, Dietician and BlueIron Spokesperson


 To support this initiative and offer additional guidance into how you can feel strong physically, we’ve teamed up with Dietician – Laura Clark.

When supporting those around you, Laura emphasises strength comes from body as well as mind. That’s why it’s so important to be championing a healthy relationship with your body too. Expanding on this, Laura Clark, highlights:

Good physical health has a huge effect on making us feel strong and a good balanced diet is key to that. If we lack certain food groups, such as iron, this can make us experience symptoms such as tiredness or fatigue. To ensure your feeling strong and energised, always ensure you include iron rich foods – like pulses, meats, dark leafy greens – in your diet. If your iron levels are on the lower side, try introducing an iron supplement that can help fight fatigue and support the normal function of the immune system.”


Join our community

By creating a platform to share these empowering stories, the 'Strength of Charact'her' campaign is inspiring others to recognise and appreciate the strength in their own lives. We hope this will help foster a sense of community, by acknowledging the strength that exists within personal networks. Through this campaign we hope to challenge stereotypes and promote a more inclusive understanding of what it means to be strong in today’s world.

Join the movement with us on @blueironhealth and champion the incredible strength found in the heart and soul of women that surround you!




172 Point Research, surveying 2,000 women.

5th March 2024

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