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    • How do I know if I need iron?

      Figures show that up to 90% of women (aged 16 –64) are not getting enough iron in their diet*. Initial symptoms of iron deficiency can include :

      • Tiredness and fatigue
      • Lack of energy and stamina
      • Decreased ability to concentrate
      • Pale skin
      • Dry, brittle nails and hair


      Male & female runners and vegetarians are also at a higher risk of iron deficiency. For athletes training regularly, low iron levels may cause:

      • Lack of endurance
      • Fatigue
      • Lack of motivation
      • Reduction in performance and ability to train


    • Will I suffer from any side effects when taking Blueiron?

      It is unlikely that Blueiron will cause side effects - Blueiron has been designed to prevent side effects commonly associated with taking iron tablets e.g. constipation. This is due to the type of iron (FE3+ ), which is used in Blueiron. One of the benefits of Blueiron is that your body will only absorb the amount it needs.
    • How many calories are there in Blueiron?

      There are only 8.5 calories in one tablespoon (recommended daily dose for an adult) of Blueiron
    • Will Blueiron stain my teeth?

      No Blueiron will not stain your teeth
    • What can inhibit iron absorption?

      Coffee, tea and milk often inhibit iron absorbtion.

      However the type of iron in Blueiron does not interact with these products.

  • Taking Blueiron

    • How much Blueiron should I take?

      Adults: 2 x5ml teaspoons per day

      Children (11+ years): 2 x5ml per day

      Children (7 –10 years): 1 x5ml teaspoonful per day

      Children (3 –6 years): ½ x5ml teaspoonful per day

    • Can I take Blueiron everyday?

      Yes you should - Blueiron is designed to be taken daily.
    • I'm pregnant and take folic acid, can I still take Blueiron?

      Yes - Blueiron contains 40% of your recommended daily amount of folic acid. Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin so you can't take too much - your body will naturally expel what is not needed. Therefore you can take Blueiron and your usual antenatal supplement together.
    • What is the best time of day to take Blueiron?

      You can take Blueiron any time of day. The main thing to remember is to take it regularly for at least one month to experience the benefits associated with the product.
    • Can I take Blueiron when I am pregnant?

      Yes - Blueiron is suitable for pregnant women. Iron is especially important during pregnancy and up to 85% of women in their third trimester are not getting enough iron*. Speak to your healthcare professional before taking any medication when you are pregnant.
    • Can I take Blueiron when I am breastfeeding?

      Yes you can take Blueiron when breastfeeding. Iron is present in breast milk and is important for your baby's growth and development
    • Is Blueiron suitable for children?

      Yes Blueiron can be taken by children aged 2 and above. Young children are often low in iron because of their rapid growth. Teenagers are also in need of iron to help with concentration levels, energy and growth.
    • Can diabetics take Blueiron?

      Yes - Blueiron has 0.8g of sugar in each daily dose (10ml), so it is suitable for most controlled diabetics.
    • Can I take Blueiron if I am on any other medications?

      Yes you can take Blueiron with other medications. However as with all supplements it is always a good idea to check with your doctor or Healthcare provider first.
    • Can I take more than one tablespoon of Blueiron?

      One tablespoon gives you 113% of the reference intake (Recommended Daily Amount) - however some people will require more iron than this e.g. pregnant women. Please check with your doctor or HCP first if you believe you need more than the daily 10ml dose.
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