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Are you pregnant if so you need more iron!

Did you know Iron Deficiency in Pregnancy is very common?

Pregnancy is a magical time in any woman’s life. It’s also a demanding one. Iron plays a very important role in the making of a new human being. A growing baby is totally dependent on your own supply of iron to make blood cells, carry oxygen around the body and help build new organs. Your body also needs extra iron to support the placenta and prepare for giving birth.


you need it

As time goes on, this puts huge pressure on your existing iron stores, especially if you’re carrying twins or have a diet low in iron. In fact, by the third trimester a woman’s daily iron requirement jumps from 18mg per day to 30mg – almost double!

Because your body cleverly ensures your baby gets his share of iron before you do, it gets harder and harder to meet your daily quota. In fact, 1 in 7 pregnant women in the UK develop iron-deficiency anaemia during pregnancy.

Low levels

A lack of iron can have serious side effects.

Being drained of iron robs you of the energy you need to really enjoy these precious nine months. You may feel overwhelmingly tired (as if pregnancy wasn’t tiring enough!), breathless or headachy, weak or dizzy. Labour and breastfeeding can make matters worse, so think about fortifying your body with iron before baby makes an appearance.

Gentle solution

How do I know I’m getting enough?

Your midwife will check your iron levels via routine blood tests at your antenatal appointments. If you’re found to be low in iron, your GP or midwife may prescribe an iron supplement.

perfect boost

Blueiron is safe and effective in pregnancy. Its gentle formula means no unpleasant side effects for sensitive stomachs. Our clever micro-encapsulated delivery system ensures mum and baby absorb exactly the right amount of iron required, and no more. Each dose is also packed with immune-boosting blueberries, Vitamins C and B12, Folic Acid and Zinc for a healthy pregnancy, plus Biotin and Vitamin E for great hair and skin.